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Bathroom Banter
I never really liked using public bathrooms.
Then again, I don't think I've ever met anyone that has.
It's just so impersonal. Anyone can come in and listen to what it is you're doing on the other side of that stall.
It comes to the point that they make you feel insecure - like following such bodily duties is a crime.
That, or they simply creep you out.
You find yourself consistently trying to squint between the crack in the stall door to see if someone is leaning in; their ear against the stall, slowly getting off on the sound of urine hitting water.
You pacify your nerves, "Nah. That doesn't happen."
You tell yourself, in repeat.
Then you figure, when people gain rights to wed their pets, they can just as easily gain a fatal attraction to fecal matter and all that accompanies it.
So you quietly sit up, making note of avoiding anything that could scare away the silent eavesdroppers leering on the other side of the door.
Staring into the clean bowl, you flush the empty toilet; a charad
:iconfragglethesixth:FraggleTheSixth 2 2
Through the midst of night,
I was tranced by time.
She now shrieks when hungry.
My pockets empty and heart tapped dry;
"I'll feed you, " croons I.
"I need you, "she replies.
Chews her tongue and spits goodbyes.
:iconfragglethesixth:FraggleTheSixth 1 10
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Lies of their own.
They called it raw emotion.
It's a pity they know nothing. Nothing of value.
The rawest I could do would be to rip out my own juggular and smother you with it.
Watch as you choke on one of my very own dying organs. One of some supposed importance.
The irony would be astounding.
Hysterical, even.
It would be the best thing in me to just watch you die and laugh at you all the while.
Laugh at the pain you're going through;
Laugh at the anguish.
Laugh at how someone you decided to love and trust so dearly happened to be the same one that would be the cause of your last choking breath.
Your last hoarse groan.
Your last muscle spasm.
The end.
They would be the cause to your very own bittersweet end.
Someone you loved.
Someone you cared about.
Someone you fucking took advantage of and never even took a minute to think about.
So, that would mean...
Well, logic will expose just how simple it all really is:
You would be your own end.
You would be the cause, the reason, to your very own dem
:iconfragglethesixth:FraggleTheSixth 1 17
Involuntary Obsession
I wanted to bash her pretty face in and drown myself in her blood.
I wanted us to spend eternity together.
I didn't want anyone else to have her. She was all mine.
That night, when she smiled one of her glistening pearly white smiles at me, I made my decision. I was going to claim her forever. No one else would ever be able to have a taste of her like I had had.
I grabbed the closest thing I could find, which just so happened to be a fire poker, and let my wants and needs control the rhythmic movement of the arm that was clenching onto the poker for dear life. I beat her in that lustful face of hers until I couldn't even acknowledge the fact that she was human anymore.
The river that flowed from all the wounds from each hit was deep in scarlet hue.
It was gorgeous.
I wanted to be a part of it all. I wanted to be with the love of my life again and until the end of time.
I pushed my face deep into the flowing stream that protruded itself from her and inhaled deeply.
I thought it worked.
:iconfragglethesixth:FraggleTheSixth 2 15
All I really lust...
I'd like to think that it's within reason... go out, one day, with someone in the wee hours of the night just to lie on a fresh patch of grass while staring up at the stars for the rest of the night.
It doesn't matter who that other person is. May be a lover; may be a friend; as long as it's someone that you care for in whatever way, that's all that matters.
You both lie there under that sparkled velvet mass of darkness and feel small and insignificant. Normally, this sort of feeling would send a chill down your spine. That feeling that you are nothing more than a speck among 6 000 000 000 others in this world. You feel as though, in the end, your problems are just as insignificant as the next person's. You feel small, alone and helpless while lying there with the dark abyss slowly engulfing itself around you. But you don't care. You feel fine. For some odd reason, you feel safe.
You start to breath in and out more slowly just to be able to cherish that hollow sound of air passin
:iconfragglethesixth:FraggleTheSixth 3 25
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Mature content
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Current Residence: This wretched little place I'm to call "home".
Favourite genre of music: I listen to a whole lot of everything.
Favourite photographer: It's still Richard Sexton.
Favourite style of art: Tie between Surrealism and Modernism.
Favourite cartoon character: Boober, from Fraggle Rock. Ok...So he's a puppet. Whatever.
Personal Quote: "Fun little fact: Anything and everything can kill you."

i'm really bad at remembering about this site, but i figured i should update about this here since it's fitting:

i got into animation at sheridan and am starting in two days.

i received news of my admittance back in april, so this is a very late update. but, better late than never they say.



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Hello! Everything here is grand, how are you doing?

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HELLO CATHY_POO!!!!! yes it has been ages my waving-fanatic friend!!! sigh .... what have you been doing ???? hmmm??? HMM??? i am missing the appearance of yourself ... and i have been reading too many subtitles (hence the not good grammar reminiscent of obscure korean films etc.) ... heyy!! i am "all that interested" so please tell me the bands of your liking !!!
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Many happy returns at the end of the Gregorian calandar year. May the coming year bring you fulfilment and experiences aplenty, and may you have the proper knowledge and coure of action to make all of your decisions...

May peace, love and understanding follow you along your journey...
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